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Anita provides a 3D visualisation service to designers, primarily Interior Designers, Wedding Planners and Event Designers. Her role is to create visually captivating photo-real, (or illustrative) images, using cutting-edge 3D software, to help creative professionals secure commissions, accurately communicate their design concepts and fully engage with their clients.  Anita has also recently launched an online learning platform for Interior Design professionals and students, where she teaches them via video tutorials, how to create their own SketchUp floor plans and elevations.  

We interviewed Anita about 3D visualisation and the steps she took to setting up her business.

What sparked your interest in 3D visualisation?

My journey into the fascinating world of 3D Visualisation started when I studied Interior Design a few years ago. I became so immersed in, and impressed with, the transparent benefits of 3D visualisation, that I eventually left my full-time Civil Service managerial role, to start my own business at the end of 2015.  With the ever-growing advancements in 3D technology, it's now sometimes impossible to distinguish 'virtual' from real life.  It was the accuracy and level of detail in photo-real 3D visuals, that first sparked my interest.  The role of the 3D Visualiser, is a fantastic blend of creativity, with technicality and I found it was a perfect fit for my natural artistic skills and aptitude for precision. 

How did you start building a client base?

In the early days, Google search was my friend!  I already knew my target market, and sent them emails regarding my services.  My fees were ridiculously competitive to ensure that I attracted as many potential clients as possible, because at that stage, my main goal was to start building a portfolio.  As my portfolio grew, so did my client base.  I started to receive referrals via word of mouth, and I also made use of Social Media A LOT!  LinkedIn, (including LinkedIn Groups), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram were all used heavily to network, and get my brand and work, 'out there'.  I also blogged regularly, which helped attract website visitors and therefore potential clients.  One of my biggest clients was found via a random Twitter search! 

What tips would you give to somebody setting up a primarily digital business?

Know your market.  Conducting market research helps you to understand the needs and wants of your target audience so much.  Which will then help you form a strong online presence that feeds into those needs and wants.  

An awesome website that has a clear brand and message, is essential for a digital business.  First impressions count, and a website that delivers visually and that communicates clearly and concisely (and is mobile responsive!!) is EVERYTHING in a fast paced, digital world!  

I also think it's important for digital businesses to show the person (or people) behind the brand.  Therefore blogging, using live Facebook videos and uploading a few Instagram Stories will undoubtedly contribute to increased engagement with your audience and possibly encourage a few collaborations/networking opportunities.