BellaMoon is a luxuriously comfortable multi-functional breast-feeding bed, designed around the lateral breastfeeding position which is practised by millions of mothers around the world to ‘Nurture and Rest’. Despite the enormous benefits of this position, it can give rise to discomfort in mothers when lying in the one position feeding for hours on end. Founder, Irene also wanted to ensure that her baby was always protectively located right next to her within the adult bed. BellaMoon provides comfort to mother’s neck, shoulders, back and hips whilst creating an awareness of baby position, and allowing Mum and baby to nurture and rest day or night.

We chatted to founder Irene Breen about her inspiration behind BellaMoon and why it's important for breastfeeding parents.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Co. Donegal and I now live in Saintfield, Co. Down with my husband Conor and our little girl Bella.
I love art and design, so I studied Architecture at Queen's University from 1999 - 2005. I practised my profession in many design-led architecture firms around the world from London to Moscow to Sydney. However, I always had a passion for entrepreneurship so I diversified into the exciting start-up world. I have worked on numerous successful entrepreneurship ventures from construction materials to renewable energy to electric cars to plastic bottles. I went back to business school in 2015, and recently graduated with a Distinction in an Executive MBA from Queen's University Belfast. After giving birth to our first baby, it was during my MBA that I developed my idea for BellaMoon.

What was your inspiration for creating BellaMoon?

Our beautiful daughter Bella was the inspiration for BellaMoon and our story shines through on my campaign video.
I am incredibly passionate about BellaMoon because I genuinely believe in it and its ability to solve an important problem by providing comfort and rest to breastfeeding parents - like it did for me.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

I would love to see a successful crowdfunding campaign to help me raise enough funding to manufacture BellaMoon, launch it on the global market and to help parents throughout the world ‘nurture and rest’.