Womenfolk: Designers Of The Future - Belfast Design Week

During Belfast Design Week, Womenfolk took part in Designers of The Future - a number of workshops working with young girls in order to encourage them to pursue a career in design. We wanted to share some behind the scenes images of the events and share what happened throughout the day.

Book Design

This event included a multitude of different aspects that are involved in the publishing industry, that includes the creative careers such as story-boarding and illustration, not solely of cover art but also of the characters within creative writing. The facilitator, Gemma O’Neill created a perfect environment to support the girls which included showing the attendees her own book for inspiration.


Lego Animation

In this workshop we were joined by Can Do Academy, who served the girls with iPads and Lego in order to create their own stop-motion animation. This is just one of the many careers that are involved in film, others include 2D and 3D animation, Special Effects and Modelling. It was fascinating to see the girls come up with their own storylines and create a short film in the time given.


Let’s Build a Cardboard City

This event was facilitated by Thread and Ink collective. This workshops gave the girls the opportunity to start thinking about design in terms of the community and architecture. They were given a cardboard display of Belfast and asked what they would like to add or takeaway from the city.


Design it. Make it. Take it (away).

SheSaid design encouraged the girls to create a design based on an initial of their name which they then transferred onto a tote bag. Not only did this workshop evoke thoughts about textile design but also to think about graphic design and typography.


Games Design

In this workshop, the girls worked together in order to design, make the graphics, and produce the sound effects for a new totally unique game using the software GameMaker, which is free and easy to use for coding games.

games design.jpg