Derry Productions is a digital media company based in Derry whose services include graphic design, film production and game development.

We caught up with Caroline from Derry Productions:

What made you decide to startup your own company instead of getting a conventional job?

It happened organically really, we worked on some projects together and wanted to do moreWe wanted the flexibility of working for ourselves and making our own decisions and so we just took a chance and went out on our own.  

How did you become a team / how did you meet and decide to work together?

Katherine and I are sisters and Justine is Katherine’s partner, so we knew each other before we started Derry Productions.   We trust each other’s judgement, we share the same goals and we have the right mix of skills to make it work. 

Give 3 reasons to set up a business in Derry-Londonderry

There is a great support network for startups in Derry providing help and advice all the way.

Derry’s proximity to the border opens up potential for cross border trade and partnerships as well as being with easy travelling distance of the mainland. 

The vibrant arts scene and thriving creative community makes Derry a great environment for collaboration with talented people.