Jane McSherry

Jane McSherry is an interior designer specialising in residential renovation and project management, working with a range of clients such as Forestside Shopping Centre and Kingspan Stadium to project management on countless residential renovation projects. Mid-century furniture, bold paint colours and a little black book of builders and salvage contacts are what make Jane McSherry Design tick.

We chatted with Jane to find out more about her business and her advice for startups.

What does a typical renovation project entail?

On each residential renovation project I start with the survey report. Any serious problems are addressed such as structural damage or damp. I then progress to creating a detailed report on the project to include any interior restructuring to an interior plan to include lighting, kitchen and bathrooms, to interior decoration.

What is the dream property you would like to be able to redesign?

I am obsessed with property as anyone who knows me can attest! I am genuinely interested in how people live and what makes for an interesting, homely, welcoming space, not all interior design achieves that. I adore Victorian properties with high ceilings and original detail but more recently I have become interested in architect-designed properties built in the 1950s to 1970s eras, it's probably nostalgia more than anything. My dream property to redesign would be a 1970s split level open plan home with floor to ceiling windows, preferably by the sea. Somewhere I could enjoy a large gin and tonic with a view, once the project is complete of course!

What are the 3 tips you would give to interior design startups?

Train your eye, starting with your own home, look around with a critical eye at room colours and decoration and work out what does and does not work. In time, it becomes second nature wherever you go.

Keep up to date with current trends by reading good design blogs, magazines and visiting well designed public spaces, cafes, hotels and visiting art exhibitions.

Offer your services on a small project such as designing one room or as simple as choosing paint colours (not so simple believe me). This will help to get a feel for building a design. It can be overwhelming to begin with but as with most things, when it works, you will know.