Keady Row

Keady Row is a bespoke wedding stationery studio based in County Armagh created by founder Natalie Duke back in 2016. It was born from a love of graphic design and a frustration with how much better wedding stationery could be.  After studying at the art college and working as a graphic designer in a couple of different agencies, the timing felt right to start her own thing. It's just Natalie at the moment, but she would love to have a small team later down the line.  Keady Row specialises in minimalist design, typography and layout as well as wedding stationery for design conscious couples.

Natalie told us a bit about her business, her design heroes and how to work from a rural setting. Here's what she said:

How did you come up with the name Keady Row and what does it mean?

I knew I didn’t want to start a wedding stationery business with a typical wedding stationery name. I settled on Keady Row after much brainstorming. Its the nickname of the street my mum and her 4 siblings grew up on in Gilford, Co. Down. The street got its name from the many people who moved from Keady to work in the local mill - my Gran was one of these. The street isn’t there anymore but my family still have fond memories of living there.

Describe a typical workday at your business

I don’t think I have a typical work day! Working for yourself, it can be a real mixed bag. I could be doing anything from admin work, emails, designing, meeting with printers/suppliers or meeting with clients (and even a little Instagramming). I don’t even have a typical work place as I migrate between home, my studio and local coffee shops - I absolutely love this freedom.

Who are some of your design heroes / heroines and tell us a bit about them

Paula Scher - the typography queen obviously - she’s a legend really.

Tina Roth Eisenberg - I’m so inspired by Tina. I love her entrepreneurial spirit, ambitious nature and enthusiasm for life.

Morag Myerscough - her installations are amazing and I love her use of bright colours.

These ladies are killing it!

What is it like being based in a more rural setting and what tips would you give creatives that are living away from a big city?

I find it really refreshing being based in a more rural setting. For me there are lots of benefits: cheaper rent, less commute time, being able to walk my dogs at lunch. I’m based in quite a central area so I’m actually only 40 mins from Belfast, so I just hop in the car when I need some city vibes.

My advice for other creatives living in a rural setting is to make sure you stay connected with what’s going on in Belfast - social media is a brilliant way to do this. Its also good to make regular visits to meet with pals and peers.