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Kelsey Tyson Designs is a stylish interiors & lifestyle brand created by Kelsey Tyson. Kelsey Tyson Designs was launched in 2016 and was started to help inspire, guide, and motivate people, with products that will contribute in defining a way of life. Creating statement interior and lifestyle products for that person seeking unique luxury items for themselves and their home.  Kelsey is always creating new and exciting designs, so you know that you will always find something unique. All the products are designed and produced by Kelsey in her studio in Bangor, Northern Ireland. 

We caught up with Kelsey to find out about her studio environment and the products she makes. 

1. Describe your studio.

My favourite place to be! An old, unused and unloved garage transformed into a new bright and airy space. Its sleek white walls and little designated areas for each process of my work fosters an environment where you just want to create new things. From a small wooden desk and an inspiration wall to work on my designs in one corner, to my equipment and supplies in another where the ideas and products take shape and come to life. 

2. What are your tips for designers wanting to set up studio in a smaller town?

I would say it honestly doesn’t matter where your studio is.  As long as you are willing to travel and spend days on the go, sourcing and meeting new buyers/retailers, or attending events that are going to be beneficial to you and your designs, it will work. Passion, commitment, drive and good products/designs are more important than studio location. Of course the internet and social media are now a great help in ensuring that designers can share their work locally, nationally and even globally at low cost. 

3. What have been some of your highlights and challenges since setting up in 2016?

Highlights include gaining stockists within the first few months of setting up, one of which is in London – securing a buyer in this region has always been a key goal for me, so it was fantastic to achieve that fairly early on. My best highlight to date without doubt has been getting accepted for my first trade show. I’ll be showcasing in the Home section of the Top Drawer London event, taking place later this year from 10—12 September 2017.  Regarding challenges, it’s true that it isn’t always easy setting up your own business. Although exciting, there is a lot to learn along the way. One of my biggest challenges perhaps is the fact that I use some unconventional materials in my work/products – they are different from the norm and potential customers can sometimes struggle a bit with this. I’m finding though that as my product range is developing and more people are becoming familiar with my work, this is less of an issue. Plenty of people nowadays what something different, something new and I enjoy rising to that challenge through my work.