Mosley London

Mosley London is an ethical, colourful lifestyle brand based in East London. Lyndsey Mosley (nee Fitzgerald, originally from Donegal & Derry) is the Creative Director and lead illustrator. She creates playful illustrations to make people smile. Mosley London currently has a stationery and homeware range. 

Lyndsey spoke with us about her products and her design journey!

How did your design journey take you to London?

I moved here when I was 18 to study Art at Central St. Martins and then Digital Filmmaking at SAE. After graduating I spent 10 years working on various TV shows as an Assistant Editor. A few years ago I noticed that I was spending all my free time drawing and designing... so I decided to make my design hobby into a business, and started working on Mosley London full time at the start of 2017.

What are your products inspired by?

I'm equally inspired by both my homes; London and Ireland - specifically the architecture, the people and nature... all of which are so different in city and countryside! They're all simple things that you can walk past without noticing - but on closer inspection are really beautiful in their own way. 

What are some tips for partnering with an online store like notonthehighstreet?

I once went to a talk by Donna Wilson and the main thing she encouraged everyone to do was to keep designing and to find your own voice. This is what I've been doing and it's opened doors. Now I share all my designs on my Instagram to encourage feedback and engagement - that's where I heard about opportunities like NotOnTheHighStreet's Pitch Up event.  When I pitched I just tried to explain the thinking behind my work and really tried to listen to what the buyers had to say about my designs - they had really useful advice. So if I could give 3 bits of advice they would be: design every day, share everything you do and take positives from any feedback to make your products better! I think those 3 things will make you a great partner for any retailer...