Many women have ambitions to start their own design business or progress their careers within the design industry, but are held back by barriers such as lack of access to business or professional skills, advice or just moral support. We are setting up this mentoring program to try and connect aspiring women in the early stage of their design careers with more established women designers.

This is an un-funded program so will be informal and low-key. We are seeking applications for both mentors and mentees. We are seeking experienced women designers who are willing to volunteer their time to provide a minimum of 1 hour per month mentoring support (in person or by phone) over a 6-month period from May – October 2019 to an emerging female designer. We are also seeking applications from emerging designers interested in getting mentoring support to expand their design and/or business skills. 

We will then do our best to match women mentors and mentees, ask that both respect the commitment of a minimum of 1 hour per month and keep some simple records throughout the period and join us at Design Week 2019 to let us know how it went.