Agne Nazebetauskaite is a luxury knitwear and homeware designer. Her designs are created by correlating the knitting concepts from the past, present and the future.  Agne spent all her childhood watching her grandmother knit, wearing her handmade garments and learning the techniques. In the past couple of years her passion for textiles grew into the knitwear and homeware brand ONA (her grandmother); connecting the memories with a contemporary visions and transforming them into luxury knitwear and home accessories. Agne showed her first knitwear collection as an upcoming designer at Belfast Fashion Week 2016.

We interviewed startup Agne about her process and inspirations!

How do you make your work look contemporary even though you are using a traditional process?

I use simple patterns and designs, straight lines with little details that make my garments to stand out. Chunky wool adds that boldness and contemporary touch to the design.

What materials do you use and how did you come across them. How do you source them now?

Pure merino wool is my favourite material to work with, but because it's purpose is limited to the cold months, I have started incorporating cotton into my designs. I do believe in all things natural and in the sustainability of materials and designs. I came across merino wool when I learned to felt, and after some research I found that it can be used for knitting too. The merino wool I use is sourced from Australia and Southern Africa.