Pink Inc. are a design agency based in Belfast.  They work across digital and printed media and create bespoke campaigns for their clients.

We chatted with Gillian from Pink Inc. to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes at her company!

How would a typical campaign be developed by you?

At Pink Inc Creative, we simply love what we do and we take pride in our work. We believe we can work with companies to make a difference.

There is no typical campaign but we love a challenge! A client would come to us with an idea for a service or product that they would like to promote. Firstly we listen, we hear what the client has to say and what they want to achieve. We ask, where are you? Where do you want to be? And how will we get you there?  We have to look at the brand and positioning in the marketplace, there is no point in promoting a product or service without the backing of a good brand, excellent customer service and key communication materials in place.  We also look at any information and stats we can access on previous campaigns. This information can be key in telling a story of what works. We then propose an online and offline campaign that will target the key demographic, achieve desirable outcomes and outline the timings for the campaign. We then develop the materials for the campaign with the agreed key message, creative and call to action.  Once the campaign has finished it is vital that we work with the client to determine the results and learn from what we do for the next one. 

What are some of the mistakes startups can make when promoting themselves and how can they avoid doing this?

In our experience the mistakes start ups can make when promoting themselves can be a lack of direction and clear messaging. They are not precise about what they do and why they do it. If they can’t be clear then how is someone meant to understand what they are saying?  As a business you should look at the points where you make contact with your customers and add value. Differentiate yourself from the crowd. Everyone in your company should be aware of your brand and brand values. Is everyone singing the same tune? It sounds a bit corny but sometimes it’s that simple.  Establish your brand, your key messages, your pricing, trust your instincts, keep an eye on finances and stick to your guns.

What are some of the upcoming trends in e-commerce design and digital design?

We’ve noticed a big shift towards mobile only builds. The desktop website for customers is becoming obsolete as more and more people shop, browse and interact on the go. With this comes it’s own set of problems as all design starts to look like templates and individual character can be hard to establish. Watching how mobile technology, VR and social media develops will be key.  There are lots of tools which now allow clients control over all aspects of their brand online but we have also seen is dilution of brands as responsibility for updating is handed down to junior team members of the team, who unfortunately have less established ideas of the brand voice. Make sure the everyone knows the tone of voice and visual language for the brand.  Consistency is key across all online (and offline) materials.