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Vicky Potts is the co-founder of Whitepot Studios, a games development studio which she set up with her partner in 2016.

We spoke to Vicky about her MCV Women In Games award and her advice for others looking to get into games development.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I graduated from from Queen's University Belfast with a First Class Honours in Computer Science MEng in 2015. During the final year of my degree I obtained an NVQ in Business Development and co-founded IVEA labs with three colleagues. I am now co-founder of an independent games development studio called Whitepot Studios, which I set up with my partner Adam in 2016.
Whitepot Studios is a kickass Belfast-based games development studio. We have created games for Android, iOS, and PC using both HTML5 and Unity, building our portfolio and creating a variety of games for clients and bespoke use cases.
Our primary goal is to create emergent core IP video game titles for the table-top and board-game savvy audience. We encourage emergent gameplay and narrative by using well-tested, fun and engaging mechanics found by modern board games that few video games take advantage of; social deduction, traitor elements, and roleplaying, to name a few.

What or who influences and motivates you?

Attending events and conventions where I get to showcase what I’ve been working on and see the faces of players is really fun. I’d like to make a game that hits household name status.

What has been your biggest hurdle proudest moment or accomplishment in your career?

a. biggest hurdle
Graduating and going straight into setting up my own business without a huge amount of normal industry experience under my belt. I think doing that and being able to set up a second, more successful business has been a massive challenge that my co-founder Adam and I have overcome.
b. proudest moment/accomplishment
Winning the MCV Women In Games Rising Star Award. That was a fantastic event at the Facebook headquarters in London, and there were other amazing women there. The whole day felt like a giant, welcoming hug. I really enjoyed it and hope that there are other NI women winning these sorts of awards in the future.

Could you give some advice for any young, emerging designers?

Make a portfolio! It’s so important to have something to show for what you’ve done. Add to it, collaborate with others, take part in events like game jams or hackathons - keep it up to date, and don’t sell yourself short.